Plastic fiber adapts to narrow space detection

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    The plastic fiber is suitable for narrow space detection. It is highly flexible and flexible, and can be used in places where winding or reciprocation is required. Plastic fiber is cheaper and can be cut off on site; compared to quartz fiber, plastic fiber is

sensitive to drastic changes in temperature, chemicals, and solutions.

   As an emerging fiber optic sensor, plastic fiber optic sensors have the following advantages: apart from the characteristics of plastic fiber optics, compared with quartz fiber optic sensors, plastic fiber optic sensors have the following advantages:

      1. The core diameter of the polymer fiber is large, generally up to 0.5~1.0mm; the numerical aperture is large, the NA is 0.3~05; the coupling efficiency with the light source and the receiving device is high; the end face processing is simple, the connection is simple, and the cheap injection connection can be used. The system cost is low.

       2, the diversity of polymer materials, easy to modify and dope organic materials. (Select a wide range of materials).

       3. Compatible with many polymer materials including bio-biomaterials for safe sensing in vivo.

       4. The material has high temperature and mechanical sensitivity, high fracture strength and good flexibility, and can be applied to curved or rough environments.

       Plastic optical fiber sensors include temperature sensors, pressure displacement sensors, gas, liquid concentration sensors, biosensors, etc. Many of them have good application prospects in environmental pollution detection.

     At present, some large foreign sensor manufacturers such as Keynes, Bonner, OMRON, SUNX and Taiwan RIKO and WDOE have all withdrawn from plastic optical fiber sensors and used various plastic optical fibers to reach their mothers. For 

    example, the boring fiber used by Bonner is a Teflon-packaged plastic fiber that can be used in harsh industrial environments such as high temperature, corrosive, such as semiconductor wafer processing, food processing, and commercial washing. High temperature can be used in the ambient temperature range of -30 ° C ~ 25 ° C.

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