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    1.Wind power condition monitoring system

    Most modern wind turbines have intelligent functions that can be monitored and controlled by different wind conditions (eg atmospheric sensors can detect wind speed and direction), while other sensors can be used to monitor the condition and strength of turbine components to avoid problems. ). Wind turbines must withstand extreme weather conditions (such as blizzards or lightning) to ensure that the turbine's monitoring system is designed to provide high voltage and high current isolation.

    Compared to optocouplers and other similar devices, optical fibers are good signal transmission media because they increase voltage and galvanic isolation.


    Wind turbines and wind farms networking

    The data collected by the condition monitoring system, coupled with the short-range HCS plastic fiber link used by each turbine fan, is usually multiplexed into hard-clad quartz fiber or multimode fiber-optic cable, if the wind tower Heights above 100 meters may require longer distances for HCS and multimode fiber. The robust nature of the plastic fiber, the higher resistance to harsh environments, and its light weight make it ideal for vertical wiring applications in wind turbines.

    2. Power monitoring

    The transmission performance, stability and adaptive protection and recovery capability of the optical fiber network play a key role in the reliability of the fiber relay protection work. Compared with the traditional signal transmission mode, fully utilizing the huge bandwidth resources of the optical fiber can greatly reduce the transmission cost and improve the transmission efficiency. At present, there are three main types of optical cables used in power fiber optic networks: ordinary non-metallic optical cables, self-supporting optical cables, and overhead ground composite optical cables. Among them, the overhead ground cable composite optical cable will have wide application in the power optical network because of its low comprehensive cost, high reliability and low maintenance cost.


    The hybrid cable is mainly composed of two 2.2mm plastic optical fibers and two wires, and various protection devices and reinforcing cores are added to adapt to various bad ring images. The optical fiber has a light attenuation of ≤180db/Km. After mixing and drawing, the pressure resistance reaches 600N/10cm, and the rated voltage is 450/750V.

    3, power automation

    The substation integrated automation system utilizes advanced computer, modern electronics, communication and information processing technologies to realize the recombination and optimization design of the secondary equipment functions of the substation, and performs monitoring, measurement, control and coordination on the operation of all equipment of the substation. A comprehensive automation system. Through the substation integrated automation system, the equipment exchanges information and data, and the substation operation monitoring and control tasks are completed.

    The substation integrated automation replaces the conventional secondary equipment of the substation, which simplifies the secondary wiring of the substation. Substation integrated automation is an important technical measure to improve the safe and stable operation level of substation, reduce operation and maintenance costs, improve economic efficiency, and provide high quality electric energy to users.


    The combination of functions is the biggest feature that distinguishes it from conventional substation. It is based on computer technology and uses high-speed anti-jamming fiber data communication as a means to achieve information sharing and achieve unattended operation. Because the electromagnetic environment of the substation is complex, POF, PCF and GOF optical cables are required to be used together, which are respectively used for intra-cabinet communication, station data transmission, and remote monitoring data transmission medium.

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