Chongqing is cultivating 100 billion plastic optical fiber industry

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     On the 21st, the 14th National Plastic Optical Fiber and Polymer Photonics Society and Industry Alliance Annual Meeting was held in Beijing. More than 80 domestic plastic optical fiber enterprises, universities and research institutes attended the conference. It was learned from the meeting that Chongqing is currently cultivating the 100 billion-class plastic optical fiber material industry. In the future, plastic optical fibers with better signal transmission and stronger anti-interference will gradually replace copper wires and speed up the Internet for citizens.

       The conference was hosted by the China Optical Society's Fiber Optics and Integrated Optics Professional Committee, China Plastic Optical Fiber Industry Alliance, Chongqing Century Light Technology Corporation, and Chongqing University. At the meeting, scholars from Jilin University, Chongqing University and other colleges and universities, as well as the National Optical Communications Association, domestic well-known plastic optical fiber companies and other institutions, combined with plastic fiber optic system engineering technology standards and other issues, around plastic optical fiber, polymer photonic materials, etc. The latest research progress and development trends in the field are exchanged.

       As part of the new material field of Chongqing's strategic emerging industry, plastic optical fiber is widely used in optical network city construction, intelligent lighting, industrial Internet and robot communication because of its advantages of high bandwidth, good flexibility, safety and reliability. . At present, Chongqing Plastic Optical Fiber Industrial Park, which was built by Chongqing Century Light Technology Co., Ltd. in Changshou District, Chongqing, has built a communication-grade plastic optical fiber material and fiber optic cable production line. After mass production, it will form a scale of 100 billion production value for big data. Intelligent construction services.

  “'Chongqing made' plastic optical fiber products were previously exhibited at the first Zhibo Fair.” Fang Sheng, deputy general manager of Chongqing Century Light Technology Co., Ltd. said that plastic optical fiber has been characterized by stable transmission network signal, low failure rate and convenient maintenance. In some domestic government and enterprise units, the company will gradually enter the homes of ordinary people and let the citizens use the network more smoothly.

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