Application field

automated industry 


    1. Industrial communication

    Fiber optic links are immune to the effects of stray electromagnetic fields commonly found in motor drives, AC DC power inverters, and power distribution systems, and can even be placed next to high voltage cables without the need to worry about crosstalk.

    The optical link also completely eliminates the ground loop and the noise and safety issues it can bring. The inherent insulation properties of the fiber make the system integration straightforward and efficient, and the fiber is also well suited for many monitoring and high voltage applications in industrial automation equipment. The control function is currently the best medium for connecting the high current and high voltage switch trigger control circuit through the isolation barrier.


    For POF, the industrial control bus system is one of its most stable and largest markets. Through the converter, POF can be connected with standard protocol interfaces such as RS232, RS422, 100Mbps Ethernet, Token Ring, etc., thus providing stable and reliable communication lines in high-temperature industrial manufacturing environments, high-speed transmission of industrial control signals and commands, avoiding The risk of communication interruption due to electromagnetic interference from the use of metal cable lines.

    2, industrial sensing

    Optical fiber sensing technology is an important indicator to measure the degree of informationization in a country. The application of optical fiber sensing technology covers almost all fields of military, engineering, medical, information technology and infrastructure, and has a broad market. There are hundreds of optical fiber sensing technologies in the world, such as temperature, pressure, flow, displacement, vibration, rotation, bending, liquid level, velocity, acceleration, sound field, current, voltage, magnetic field and radiation. Sensing.

    In modern industrial production, especially in automated production processes, various sensors are used to monitor and control the various parameters of the production process, to operate the equipment in a normal or optimal state, and to achieve the best quality of the product. It can be said that without many excellent sensors, modern production will lose its foundation.



    Optical fiber sensor uses light as the carrier of sensitive information, and uses optical fiber as the medium for transmitting sensitive information. It has the characteristics of optical fiber and optical measurement. It has a series of unique advantages: good electrical insulation performance, strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability, non-invasive, high sensitivity. It is easy to realize long-distance monitoring of the measured signal, corrosion resistance, explosion-proof, flexible optical path, easy to connect with computer, and sensitive, accurate, adaptable, compact and intelligent, etc., has been widely used. In all aspects of the industrial field.

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