Application field

Military field 


    1.Military equipment

    Plastic fiber can be used in the construction of command, control, communication, computer, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance systems for military aircraft. At present, the transmission rate of "Fibre Channel" has reached 2.124Gbps (or even 4.125Gbps), which is fully applicable to real-time digital video signal transmission on military data planes. It has strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability and can effectively reduce enemy blocking or suppression. Electromagnetic interference, guarantee communication and enhance safety. The use of plastic optical fibers can also effectively reduce the aircraft load.



    2. Nuclear industry

    Senwo Technology has deepened the development potential of plastic optical fiber in a higher field, and cooperated with a nuclear monitoring enterprise to develop nuclear radiation detection equipment and plastic optical fiber and plastic scintillator for industrial measurement.

    Such products confirm the intensity and type of nuclear contamination by inductive luminescence of nuclear radiation. It is believed that the development and application of this product will fill the gap in such products in the Chinese market and break the long-term monopoly of this market in Europe and the United States.


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